Mask Policy

Our Mask Policy for the league is set by the City of Manchester Board of School Committee as follows per their recent decision:

The BOSC ruled that athletes engaged in game play DO NOT have to wear masks.  All athletes on the bench areas and spectators must be masked.  
Masks must be worn when entering the gyms.  Masks may be removed if the athletes are training (able to social distance) and practicing for game play.  When athletes are not engaged in activities on the court, they need to be masked. (Hockey athletes do not have to be masked, however maximum number of players in the locker room at a time is 5)  Spirit and gymnastics athletes do not need to be masked during tumbling/stunting practices. Outdoor athletes do not need to be masked (ski, track and field training) 
Reminder that there is a federal law requiring all athletes to be masked while on the bus.
All athletes should wear masks when entering other schools.  

While some of the above does not apply to our league, we felt it was important to see the entire policy. No masks for players. If you have any questions, please email us at