MBL Academy (Ages up to 8)

The MBL has developed this new program specifically for ages up to 8 years old. This academy will be training geared towards introducing the basic fundamentals of basketball in a fun way which keeps the player moving and focused.

Smaller Balls. Smaller Baskets (7ft). Fundamentals of Dribbling, Passing, Shooting, playing Defense, and moving off the ball.

This 1-hour session each week will be made up of fun drills which is exclusively put together by top Basketball Instructors who have vast experience in training players. This will include individual skill training with the ball, group fun drills and actual games.

If your player is in this age group of (4-8), we recommend this program.

Season 1 we have Two Divisions:

Rookie – 4,5,6

Minors 7,8