2021-22 Manchester Elementary School League *Boys*

13 Participating Elementary Schools. All Schools will play a minimum of 7 regular season games. All Schools will make the playoffs which will start Sunday January 23 in a single elimination format. Championship Game is scheduled for Sunday February 13. Playoff games will be scheduled based on regular season finish in standings.

All games are played at Hillside Junior High School Gymnasium

**View Updated Scores and Standings HERE at this link

 Regular Season Schedule 
Sunday November 21Week1
BOYSCourt 1
9:00 AMJewettvsGossler
10:15 AMBeech StvsSmyth Road
11:30 AMHighland Goffes FallsvsGreen Acres
**12:45 PMNorthwestvsWebster
12:45 PMBakersvillevsWeston
2:00 PMMcDonoughvsParker Varney
Wilson will not play week 1
**Northwest vs Webster Game has been postponed to play on Sunday December 19
Sunday November 28Week2
BOYSCourt 1
9:00 AMHighland Goffes FallsvsJewett
10:15 AMBakersvillevsBeech St 
11:30 AMGreen AcresvsMcDonough
12:45 PMParker VarneyvsWebster
2:00 PMSmyth RoadvsNorthwest
3:15 PMWestonvsWilson
Gossler will not play week 2
Sunday December 5Week3
BOYSCourt 1
9:00 AMJewettvsHighland Goffes Falls
10:15 AMSmyth Road vs Weston
11:30 AMBeech StvsGossler
12:45 PMWebstervsGreen Acres
2:00 PMBakersvillevsMcDonough
3:15 PMWilsonvsNorthwest
Parker Varney will not play week 3
Sunday December 12
BOYSCourt 1Week4
9:00 AMMcDonoughvsJewett
10:15 AMGosslervsNorthwest
11:30 AMGreen AcresvsParker Varney
12:45 PMWebstervsBakersville
2:00 PMWestonvsSmyth Road
3:15 PMHighland Goffes FallsvsWilson
Beech St will not play week 4
Sunday December 19Week5
BOYSCourt 1
9:00 AMNorthwestvsWebster
10:15 AMBeech StvsMcDonough
11:30 AMGosslervsWeston
12:45 PMBakersvillevsParker Varney
2:00 PMSmyth RoadvsHighland Goffes Falls
3:15 PMWIlsonvsGreen Acres
Jewett will not play week 5
Sunday December 26
Off for Christmas Weekend
Sunday January 2Week 6
BOYSCourt 1
9:00 AMGreen AcresvsBakersville
10:15 AMParker VarneyvsJewett
11:30 AMHighland Goffes FallsvsGossler
12:45 PMWestonvsNorthwest
2:00 PMWebstervsBeech St
3:15 PMMcDonoughvsWilson
Smyth Road will  not play week 6
Sunday January 9Week7
BOYSCourt 1
9:00 AMJewettvsGreen Acres
10:15 AMBakersvillevsNorthwest
11:30 AMBeech StvsParker Varney
12:45 PMSmyth RoadvsWebster
2:00 PMGosslervsMcDonough
3:15 PMWilsonvs Highland Goffes Falls
Weston will not play week 7
Sunday January 16Week8 
9:00 AMBeech StvsNorthwest
10:15 AMGosslervsParker Varney
11:30 AMSmyth RoadvsWeston
12:45 PMWilsonvsHighland Goffes Falls
2:00 PMJewettvs Webstser
Bakersville, Green Acres, McDonough,will not play week 8
Total Games Played Regular Season
Green Acres7
Highland Goffes Falls8
Parker Varney7
Smyth Road7