2024 Manchester Adult 3v3 League

First ever Manchester Recreation Adult (18+) 3v3 League. More info coming soon.

Projected start date – March 16.

Games played at Southside Middle School and Parkside Middle School. 10 Total games per team including playoffs. Season ends April 28. Cost $450 per team – up to 5 team members per team roster. Semi and Final Games additional to 10 game guaranteed season. For more info – please email Chris at ManchesterBasketballLeague@gmail.com

3-on-3 Basketball Rules


  • Team roster minimum is 3 players; maximum is 5 players per team.
  • All players must wear non-marking athletic- type shoes. No black soles or street-worn shoes. (i.e., dirty-soled shoes, bare feet, socks, flip-flops, street shoes, slippers, crocs, boots, sandals, etc.).
  • No alcohol, tobacco or illicitdrugs permitted in gyms.

Rules and Regulations

  • All games will be 32 minutes long – Four (4) 8 Minute Quarters of stop time.
  • One referee per game.
  • Two Points will be scored for each basket shot from within the 3-point arc; shots from behind the 3-point arc counting as three points.
  • If the game is tied at the end of regulation period, the next team to score wins.
  • Teams will shoot from behind the 3-point arc to determine who starts with possession of the ball.
  • The team scoring a basket retains possession of the ball. (Winner’s outs)
  • Fouls will be called by referee. Shooting fould – 2 shots or 1 shot with made basket. Posesion fouls – 5 per team to shoot 2 shots. No 1 and 1. Fouls reset each quarter.
  • After each made basket or change of possession, the ball must be taken back behind the 3-point arc before a shot can be attempted. If a team scores a basket without taking the ball back, the basket will be disallowed but the offending team will retain possession.
  • After a basket, out- of- bounds, violation, or foul, the offense must “check” the ball with their opponent before play resumes and the ball must be passed to start play. There are no free throws.
  • All held-balls are awarded to the defense first then they alternate for example on a jump ball or trying to stall to conserve time.
  • Substitutions may be made at any time that play is stopped.
  • Teams are awarded One 30 second time out per quarter.

REGISTER YOUR TEAM NOW by email to Chris at ManchesterBasketballLeague@gmail.com or Call 603-315-0123

All Payment is made to Manchester Basketball League